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Creating an accompanying highlight reel or commercial video to showcase your previously 2-D blog is an intriguing concept. Fashion trendsetter and blogger Shea Marie has conceptualized a way to incorporate video in her wardrobe with the help of her friend and fellow artist, Markus Madlangbayan. She has categorized this first video showcasing her daily looks as a “trailer” for her daily look book blog. Shea invites her millions of followers to virtually walk in her (designer) shoes down the fashion-forward avenues of Los Angeles, and highlights her love for personally interacting with each one of her readers via the commenting interface incorporated in her blog.

Cheyenne Meets Chanel by fashion blogger, Shea Marie. Directed and edited by emotion designer and videographer Markus Madlangbayan of

Music: “Fixin To Thrill" by Dragonette

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